AW MIZUNAMI co.,ltd.


Quality Supremacy

Our basic principle is to realize sustainable corporate growth and ensure the well-being of our employees by
contributing to our customers and society through the highest quality products.

Employee well-being

Employee well-being iconEmployee well-being

We aim to ensure each individual feels a true a sense of accomplishment from their efforts and achievements as well as from their personal development and, in addition, offer a healthy work life balance by fostering a corporate culture in which a wide diversity of individuals can take on the challenge of their work enthusiastically.

Customer delight

Customer delight iconCustomer delight

We aim to create value that exceeds customers' expectations by pursuing pioneering technologies as well as "monozukuri" (manufacturing) with a commitment to quality.

Contribution to the environment and society

Contribution to
the environment and society

We contribute to creating a better world and society through open and fair corporate activities that aim to achieve harmony between environment and society, not only with our products and services, but with our entire business practices.